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7.12.2012 | 

New quality certificates

New quality certificates

At BISON each product is subject to a strict quality control process to make sure you receive top-quality products only from us.

The life of every product is traceable by individual serial numbers, we monitor every component throughout the entire manufacturing process and beyond. After final assembly every lathe chuck is thoroughly inspected by certified quality inspectors in order to meet the highest quality standards that have made BISON chucks a leader in the industry.

Only then the chuck is given the BISON label of quality. This is our commitment to you that you have purchased the best workholding products in the market today.

In order to make sure you have always purchased a certified and genuine BISON product, we will successively provide our products with the new quality certificates.

The certificate indicates the product type number, its individual serial number as well as a signature and stamp of one of our certified quality inspectors. Furthermore, all certificates are equipped with a safety hologram that attests to the genuine and unique quality of your BISON product.

By introducing the new quality certificates we replace our existing test cards. Simultaneously our new product manuals will be included in the delivery.

The quality certificates will be gradually implemented for our entire product portfolio over the course of the next months.