I. Using the website

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  2. BISON-BIAL S.A. shall not be held responsible for any damage resulting from the reliance on the information presented. The User acknowledges that such information and materials may include inaccuracies or errors. The risk related to the use of this website is borne entirely by the User to the fullest extent permitted by law.
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  5. Unauthorised use of this website may give rise to a claim for damages and/or criminal offence.
  6. This page may temporarily contain links to other websites. We do not assume any liability for the contents of the redirected web pages.
  7. All the disputes arising from the use of the internet website shall be subject to the Polish legislation.
  8. The User may not provide illegal content in any form.

 II. Copyright protection

  1. The website and its content is protected by the copyright belonging to BISON-BIAL S.A.
  2. Both the layout of the content of the website and its particular parts such as written materials, photographs, graphics and other are protected under the general principles of protection afforded by the provisions of the Act of February 4, 1994 on copyright and related rights (the unified text in Dziennik Ustaw [Journal of Laws] of 2006 No 90, item 631 as amended). All the users are obliged to respect the copyrights under the pain of civil and criminal liability arising from the provisions of this Act.
  3. The content of this website may be used by the users only for permitted personal purposes. The use of the total of this content or any of its parts for other purposes, commercial purposes in particular, including copying, public presentations or in any other way making them available to third parties, may only take place on explicit written permission issued by BISON-BIAL S.A. together with the conditions of use of the materials specified in each case by BISON-BIAL S.A. In order to obtain the permission for the use of the content of the website you should contact BISON-BIAL S.A. by sending a message to the following email address:webadmin@bison-bial.com.
  4. The use of the materials published on the internet website of BISON-BIAL S.A. for the purpose other than personal, that is: copying, reproducing, using in other publications in total or in part takes place under the general provisions of the press and copyright law.
  5. The User may not post any illegal content on the website. 

III. Privacy policy

  1. The present Rules and Regulations concerning the privacy policy specify the way in which BISON-BIAL S.A. uses and protects information submitted at registration.
  2. The administrator of the personal data is Fabryka Przyrządów i Uchwytów BISON-BIAL S.A. with registered office in Białystok, ul. Łąkowa 3 (3 Łąkowa Street).
  3. BISON-BIAL S.A. is obliged to protect your personal data. You may be confident that all the information submitted at the registration by means of which you are to be identified when using the website is used in accordance with this Rules and Regulations.
  4. The Rules and Regulations may be modified and shall be given on the present website. Therefore, you are kindly asked to regularly check if you agree with the revised Rules and Regulations. The principles concerning privacy policy come into effect from 01/01/2011.
  5. We may collect the following information:
    • first name, surname and information on the position in the company
    • contact information, including the email address
    • demographic data, such as the postal code, preferences and interests
    • other information relevant to customer surveys and/or the adaptation of our offer.
  6. The submission of personal data is voluntary.
  7. We ask for this information to understand your needs and provide you with better service, especially for the purpose of:
    • the internal filing system
    • the improvement of our products and services
    • the periodical sending of emails promoting new products and special offers or including other information that we regard as potentially interesting to you. The information shall be sent to the email address given at registration.
    • We may also make use of the contact data in order to conduct market research. We shall contact you through the email address, telephone or fax number, or via post. The obtained information may be used to adjust the internet website in accordance with your interests.
  8. We provide protection of the collected data. In order to secure information gathered online against unauthorised access or disclosure we have introduced appropriate physical, electronical and organisational procedures.
  9. Our internet website may contain links to other internet pages. The privacy policy does not apply to other internet pages the links to which may be found on our internet website. Therefore, you are advised to be careful and familiarise yourself with the privacy policy of a given web page.
  10. You may decide to limit the data collection or use in the following way:
    • When you are asked to fulfil the form on the website, find the field you may click on to indicate that you do not wish your data to be used for marketing purposes.
    • If you have already agreed on the use of your data for marketing purposes you may cancel the agreement at any time by writing a letter to BISON-BIAL S.A. or sending an email to the following email address: webadmin@bison-bial.com
  11. 11.We shall not sell, spread or make your personal data accessible to third parties, unless we are given your permission to do that or unless the access to these data is required by law. We may use your data to send promotional information only on your agreement.
  12. You may be given access to your personal data collected on the website. If you wish to receive the copy of the data, please, contact us at webadmin@bison-bial.com.
  13. 13.If you believe that the data collected about you are incorrect or incomplete, please, do not hesitate to contact us immediately at the aforementioned email address or in another way. All the incorrect information shall be promptly corrected.

IV. Complaints

  1. All the complaints related to the use of this internet website must be notified electronically to the following email address: webadmin@bison-bial.com.
  2. Every complaint must include:
      a. the first name and the surname of the User, his or her postal address, his or her login and his or her email address,
      b. the subject of the complaint,
      c. the circumstances justifying the complaint.
  3. Complaints that meet the requirements specified in section 2 shall be processed promptly, in accordance with the order in which they have been filed and in the period not longer than 14 days. If the complaint may not be processed within this time, the Service Provider shall inform the User who has filed the complaint about this fact, explaining the reasons for the delay and the estimated time in which the complaint will be processed.

V. Final provisions

  1. In matters not regulated by this Rules and Regulations the provisions of the Civil Code apply.
  2. The parties agree that any disputes that may arise in relation to the execution of the contract shall be solved by the District Court in Białystok.
  3. The technological requirements necessary to work with the telecommunication system used by BISON-BIAL include: a computer connected to the internet equipped with a web browser that supports Flash.
  4. The User accepts this Rules and Regulations by starting to use the website and an agreement is made on using the internet website. The termination of the agreement takes place when the User ceases to use the website, subject to the provisions of the privacy policy.
  5. The provisions regulating the rights and obligations of consumers in a manner contrary to the generally applicable law or in a manner contrary to consumers’ interests shall not apply to consumers. This applies in particular to point 5 of section 2 of this Rules and Regulations.